New Structural Glazing Solution From Gaia Awards Winner – SageGlass

SageGlass was elected as the most innovative product in the Middle East at last year’s Gaia Award (taking place at The Big 5 Dubai).

In September 2017, SageGlass is set to launch its new structural glazing solution under the name SageGlass VARIO. This new solution enables dynamic glazing to be installed in curtain walls with no outside aluminium transom or cover caps, providing a uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance that architects and designers will favour.

Audience at The Gaia Awards at The Big 5 Dubai 2016
SageGlass was elected as the most innovative product in the Middle East at last year’s Gaia Award. Taking place at The Big 5 Dubai, The Gaia Awards are the construction industry’s most respected awards which seek to honour construction equipment and products that help in moving towards a more sustainable built environment.

The winning product is an electrochromic dynamic glazing that prevents heat and glare commonly let in through building façades. The technology increases occupants’ comfort and optimizes daylight whilst maintaining the view to the outdoors. In addition, SageGlass can reduce building energy consumption by up to 20%.

Manager of SageGlass Middle East Sales & Development Alain Garnier.

Manager of SageGlass Middle East Sales & Development Alain Garnier, has recognised The Gaia Awards as an energizer behind the peak in awareness of SageGlass solutions in the Middle East. Aside from the award, he also gives presidency to progressing green building certifications in the region which are encouraging more and more buildings to reach LEED, ESTIDAMA, or Al Safat standards.

Furthermore, “particular research in biophilic design has stressed the role of connection to nature in supporting our health and well-being, which can be achieved through external views and daylight”. Garnier notes that going forward, access to natural light, quality views through windows, protection from glare and thermal comfort must be taken into account.

SageGlass and parent company Saint-Gobain are putting these elements at the heart of their product development; providing solutions in occupant comfort and building sustainability to actors in the value chain of the building industry. Garnier insists that “The Gaia Awards [are] a great way to reach out to all influencers in the Middle East”.

The dynamic glazing is already installed in several prestigious projects in the U.A.E. The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai has incorporated SageGlass solutions in the façades of their administrative and sports facilities as a show of environmental responsibility, as well as protecting students from heat and glare.

SageGlass at University of Colorado USA copyright ©SageGlass
SageGlass in Binzen Germany copyright ©SageGlass / Adrien Barakat
SageGlass at Geneva airport Switzerland copyright ©SageGlass / Adrien Barakat

Last year’s winning product is also installed in villas and high-end residential projects where occupant comfort and the view to the outside is a key decision factor.

The Gaia Awards will return to Dubai for a 10th edition during The Big 5 Dubai 2017, held at Dubai World Trade Centre from 26 – 29 November. Entries will soon be open to exhibitors of The Big 5 Dubai, and of newly co-located The Big 5 Solar, as well as to non-exhibiting companies.

The Big 5 Dubai is the largest construction event in the Middle East, and is the global meeting place for suppliers looking to meet with key buyers and distributors in the dedicated product sectors.

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New Structural Glazing Solution From Gaia Awards Winner – SageGlass

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