ABB Releases New Generation Drive in the Middle East To Ensure Secure Flow of Water

ABB introduces its new drive for water and wastewater, the ACQ580 to the Middle East market at the WETEX show in Dubai.

ABB introduces its new drive for water and wastewater, the ACQ580 to the Middle East market at the WETEX show in Dubai, which will be held between 23 and 25 October 2017.

This tailor-made drive is specifically built to help designers, original equipment manufacturers and EPC contractors to secure water and wastewater flow with end users like municipal utilities, industrial wastewater facilities, desalination plants and irrigation environments.

Key benefits of this drive include stable and uninterrupted operation round-the-clock in water-intense environments, as well as effortless commissioning and configuration, with optimized energy efficiency for lowest total cost of ownership.

This robust and compact drive for water applications ensures low energy consumption and continuous, reliable motor control when pumping water.

Built-in cleaning for continuous flow
The new water drive offers wastewater-specific features such as built-in pump cleaning to keep the impeller clean, as well as a pipe cleaning function which flushes away debris to ensure smooth flow.
Embedded monitoring and control features like sensor-based flow calculation give accurate flow measurement, while ensuring optimal water production using minimal wearing parts. Further water-specific security features include:
• Soft pipe fill function to gently manage pressure during the filling of a pipeline to reduce the risk of wear and water-hammer damage
• Quick-ramp functionality to protect bearings when a submersible pump is started without water
• Dry-run protection if the pump is suddenly running without water
• Level control for water tanks.
Balancing the run time for pump operations has also been made faster and easier with the auto-change function. In addition, pump control logic functionality means the water drive can control several pumps simultaneously, further ensuring secure and optimized water production.

Speaks pump language, with simple connectivity
Adjusting drive settings is easy via the robust and intuitive Hand-Off-Auto control panel which speaks pump terminology to increase ease of use and improve outcomes. The panel has a powerful diagnostics menu to rapidly assess various situations, and further features will be added that allow you to check the pump direction and upload pump curves quickly to the drive.
Drive usability is further enhanced via wireless Bluetooth connectivity between the drive and mobile devices, making for easy access to the drive in difficult-to-reach locations. To ensure compliance with electric grids, the drive will have a built-in 1st environment EMC filter and choke. Supporting functional safety design, the drive has integrated safety features such as safe torque off (STO) built-in as standard.

Learn it once – Use it everywhere
As a member of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio, the drive supports a wide range of motors, from standard induction to permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance motors. Fast and reliable communication between drive and PLC is ensured via a broad range of fieldbus protocols, and the optional embedded input/outputs provide excellent connectivity. The water drive shares the same Drive composer PC tool as other drives in the all-compatible portfolio for efficient drive commissioning and monitoring.

As a partner, ABB’s life cycle service offering, combined with local ABB experts and authorized value providers, is unparalleled. This includes engineering support, repairs and proactive service plans. Taken all together, this means both the designers and the operators of water-intense plants can be rest assured that the water will be flowing uninterrupted with best efficiency.

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ABB Releases New Generation Drive in the Middle East To Ensure Secure Flow of Water

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