5 Things That Only India Engineering Students Will Understand

5 Things You Will Relate To If You Experienced Studying In An Indian Engineering College

5 Things You Will Relate To If You Experienced Studying In An Indian Engineering College

India Engineering Students

If you have experienced being in an engineering college in India, surely you will easily relate to all of these.

The unjustified sex ratio

As a female engineer in India, who can deny your love for checking out the latest models/ celebs featured in magazines while snuggling a pillow under your blanket, with your eyes glued onto the lit screen of your phone? After all, this is the only treat your eyes can get after spending the whole day among all those skinny, bearded faces.

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Total exams outnumber total days in a year

Your engineering books are all you see when you are awake, asleep and even when you’re doing your morning business in the loo. Next to the real numbers, it’s your engineering exams that are infinite.

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You forget ‘what the world is like’ outside your books

You end up realizing this fact only when you’re home and you find your cousin talking to you about stuff that make you feel like you’ve been living under a rock for years, like girlfriends, movies, latest trends and parties. Then you suddenly realize the truth:  that you know nothing about the world, except the fundamentals of engineering.

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You don’t know how your project model works

Because all you’ve ever done is to get the “damn thing” ready-made from a shop. The salesperson seems to know much more about the model’s functionality than you do.

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Recitation feels more like a court-room trial

You studied your brains out and wrapped everything up. Then your teacher begins questioning, but you are faced with a question whose answer is found in the exact page where you forgot to study. Unable to answer the question, you suddenly blurt out something stupid and still hope your teacher gives you good marks for humor.

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During most of your college days, you would always wish that everything would be done as soon as possible, and you would walk on the aisle and get your diploma. However, as you enter the corporate world or do whatever it is you desire after college, you will definitely miss college and everything that goes with it. You will miss the all-nighters, studies and even sleeping in the classroom.

Yup, this is India that we know and the India that we love.

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5 Things That Only India Engineering Students Will Understand

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