6 Ways To Study Computer Programming For Free

Learning doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay for something.

Programming is a skill many millennial engineers or engineering students want to possess, whether it be for work or for leisure. If you’re an engineering student with advanced programming classes then that’s awesome, but for those millennial engineers who are already working and want to improve their skills further, getting an extra course would mean paying for extra classes.

That’s why many opt to learn the skill by themselves through the internet. However, learning code is difficult on your own, it may feel alright at first, but the next thing you know you’re lost in an unending flurry of conditional statements. So here are some ways you can successfully study code.

#1 Broadcast your learning process

There are a number of live coding sites you can visit, where you can take advantage of the website and share your coding journey with the world. You can also watch other programmers do their live stream, and learn from them. You can get feedback from experienced, and professional engineers who are working at Google, Facebook, SAP, etc.

#2 Practice…Practice…Practice.

Just like any other skill that needs to be learned, coding definitely requires a lot of practice, patience, and resilience. Soon, you’ll be able to solve countless problems without the help of Google.

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#3 Do heaps of projects

This comes hand in hand with the second way I’ve just mentioned. Search for small problems to solve online for starters, then work your way up to creating your own problems and try to solve them. Make sure to create projects that are interesting for you.

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#4 Do a collab

There are some projects that can’t be handled by a single person alone, there are projects that require collaboration. Design, development, testing, as well as documentation. This will serve as your training ground as well for future larger projects when you could have your own team. You’ll also get new ideas and direct feedback from other programmers, and you could also share the things you’ve learned.

#5 Competitive Programming

This method is not only an awesome way to develop your algorithmic and problem-solving skills, it’s also a great way to see how far you’ve learned and how creative you can get. HackerRank, HackerEarth, TopCoder, etc. are some competitive platforms that lets you engage with other world class programmers.

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6 Ways To Study Computer Programming For Free

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