7 Engineering Wonders of the World: An Infographic

This infographic will show you some of the most awesome achievements of engineers in history.

Cool way to learn about the 7 engineering wonders on the planet!

Ever since the start of human history, people already had the human instinct to create things and make an improvement of what they had already made. They would create more and more until they think they have come close to what they think is perfect, and it has been going on for centuries. Today we still have that human instinct, and people who love to make use of this instinct-to-create are now called engineers.

Our modern world today is filled with amazing technological wonders that engineers helped create. These include Mega structures, amazing architectures, and state-of-the art electronics gadgets.

Engineering wonders like tunnels, bridges or railways that interconnect cities and countries, a skyscraper that can withstand earthquakes, a spacecraft that can send people to the moon, all these have one thing in common. They were all made to make life easier.

Here are 7 engineering wonders of the world presented in an infographic.


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7 Engineering Wonders of the World: An Infographic

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