8 Underrated Engineering Fields With Strong Career Prospects

These are fields other than civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering which offer a promising career trajectory.

When people speak about engineering, what do they usually think about?

Many would associate the field with buildings and infrastructure, cars and machines, power supply, and electronics devices. These are the most common aspects of engineering – civil, mechanical, electrical, and electronics – which also happens to have high career prospects.

But how about those which are under the radar – engineering fields who are rather not usual to be thought about engineering?

There are branches of engineering specializations which offer a promising career trajectory, although they are not so famous. Here are eight:

Environmental Engineering

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If solving key environmental concerns through product and process design, management or consultancy is your thing, go for the field of environmental engineering. This branch of engineering has subfields like water resource engineer, air quality specialist, or director of waste management, all of which have something to do with the preservation of the environment. Environmental engineering is closely related to civil engineering.

Robotics Engineering

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In this day and age where robots are rapidly becoming a thing, the demand for robotics engineers is at an all-time high. This field deals with the design and development of robots and robotic systems to help humans perform duties. This is an exciting field of engineering as this still has a long way to go.

Energy Engineering

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Anything that has to do with biofuels, wind and solar power, and other sustainable sources, energy engineering has lots of opportunities in the manufacturing sector and motor industries. As the world shifts to renewable energy, energy engineering is a growing field dealing with energy efficiency, energy services, facility management, plant engineering, environmental compliance and alternative energy technologies.

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Biomedical Engineering

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There is still a lot to develop in the field of medicine so biomedical engineers are not short of work to do. Healthcare is the primary concern of biomedical engineers by developing devices and system to help facilitate diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment.

Nanotechnology Engineering

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A nanotechnology engineer seeks to learn new things that can change the face of health, science, technology, and the environment on a molecular level. For this, they work under microscopes most of the time. Nanotechnology engineering is also an exciting filed as this has a wide scope which helps in solving humanities biggest problems.

Information Systems Engineering

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Databases, network security, and neural networks are the three core subjects of information systems engineering. This branch of engineering involves structured requirement analyses, functional modeling, prototyping, software engineering, and system testing, documentation, and maintenance. There is a high career prospect in this field with much attention on big data in information technology nowadays.

Sports Engineering

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We bet this is the first time that you have heard this kind of engineering. Sports engineering helps in the design in the next generation of innovative sports clothing, equipment and tracking devices. Engineers in this field work with athletes regularly, helping them become the best in the world with the use of technology.

Agricultural Engineering

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The farming industry needs engineers to meet challenges in issues concerning supply, climate change, and population growth. Agricultural engineers help farm and fishery managers implement more sustainable, effective, eco-friendly and compassionate practices.

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8 Underrated Engineering Fields With Strong Career Prospects

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