Russia Plans To Build a Luxury Hotel on the ISS

The trip would cost $40 million.

Space tourism isn’t something new. SpaceX announced a few months back that they would send civilians to space and Virgin Galactic is still working towards their goal of regular space flights. Just this week, Blue origin released a footage of their space tourism goals for the future. However all those plans aren’t a first-class experience. Even after paying millions, the people who will take up this rare adventurers will have to live in ordinary accommodations in orbit with well-trained astronauts.

But soon, five-star orbital adventures might be offered by space tourism agents, courtesy of the Russian space agency. The amenities include a luxury orbital suite that is parked at the International Space Station (ISS) which offers private cabins with large windows, personal hygiene facilities, exercise equipment, as well as Wi-Fi. The tourists will be able to gaze at our beautiful earth from an altitude of 250 miles, and they will also have opportunities for space walks accompanied by a professional cosmonaut.

The trip will last from one to two weeks, and will cos $40 million per person. If a customer would want to get the spacewalk option and an extended month-long stay, there would be an additional $20 million.

Source: Hearstapps

This month, Roskosmos State Corporation have started reviewing a business plan for a high-comfort addition to the ISS. According to Popular Mechanics, the plan says that the 20-ton,

15.5-meter-long module will provide 92 cubic meters of pressurized space. It will accommodate four sleeping quarters that is sized around two cubic meters each, and two “hygiene and medical” stations with the same volume. Each private room will also have a porthole with a diameter of 228 millimeters, while the lounge are of the module will have a giant 426-millimeter window.

The external structure of the tourist module looks similar to that of the Science and Power Module, NEM-1, which Russia is currently building for the International Space Station. The second NEM module was already planned in the station’s assembly scenario, but the Russian government only funded one module. This will primarily serve as a science laboratory and a power-supply station for the ISS.


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Popular Mechanics

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Russia Plans To Build a Luxury Hotel on the ISS

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