I Was Almost Kicked Out Of Engineering University

Just really grateful for second chances in engineering university.

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I was never the best in class. Though I really did my best to ace my exams, I was always at the bottom half of the class. I didn’t get it. I was always studying for my major subjects. As soon as school ends, I was always eager to go home to study. I was determined to prove to myself that I can make it in my course – civil engineering.

I’ve seen most of my classmates play their computer games all night long. I’ve even had friends who took their exams while drunk, yet they still manage to get high marks. So I always believed that I can pass my subjects with flying colors. For the past two years, I’ve dedicated myself to all my subjects.

Unfortunately, on my third year in engineering school, I found myself lacking the motivation I need to study. I used to be so hardworking and studious but eventually, I just wanted to slack off. I was no longer in the mood to learn anything from my professors. I just wanted to watch all my favorite shows after school. Yes, I still attended classes but I really paid any attention to the topics discussed. I guess I just got tired, knowing that all my efforts will be futile. I still wouldn’t be able to get high marks. I just settled for mediocrity.

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Things became worse when my professors started reminding me that I had to take my studies seriously. I was failing in half of my subjects. The other subjects, I barely got by. I still wouldn’t budge. I was still tired of everything. I often found myself staring at walls, asking myself if I should give up already. The only thing that snapped me out of that misery was when my brother told me I’d be getting no support from the family if I quit school. Of course, I had to snap out of it.

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It really wasn’t easy. The transition from being lazy into my hardworking self didn’t happen overnight. I knew that I’d still be failing some subjects that semester so I had to put all my focus on those subjects I can still pass. I asked for my friends’ help and talked to my professors for extra credit. I worked my ass off just to save what can be saved.

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By the end of the semester, I was able to pass two subjects out of the five ones I enrolled in. My chances of getting kicked out were high. But as fate would have it, I was allowed to appeal for my status in engineering school. I explained to the administration about my situation and asked for a second chance. I didn’t really expect them to give me the second chance I needed but they did!

After what happened, I promised myself that I will no longer slack off. I was almost kicked out of my dream school a year ago. I was lucky enough that I’m still here. I know that I’m still not the best student in our class but with my determination, I can still make it.

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I Was Almost Kicked Out Of Engineering University

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