An Open Letter To The Rejected Engineering Student

This is for anyone who has been rejected in engineering school before.

I’ve been rejected so many times in college. I was rejected by my professors when I needed specific course subjects to be on time for the program. I was rejected by the popular kids in the university because I was not rich enough. I was even rejected by the chemical engineering department for not being “smart” enough in my classes. And for a time, I got so heartbroken for being rejected by someone I thought to be the love of my life. With these things going on in my life back then, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in these situations.


A lot can happen in college and these things open our eyes to the disappointments and failures in the adult world. Given the hard program in engineering, I’m sure you’ve felt rejected one way or another. You may have been rejected in a subject when you failed it the first time. You were probably feeling miserable for days when you found out that you’ve been kicked out of a degree program you really wanted. There are different ways for you to feel rejected and we all know how it hurts our pride to feel so.

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The thing is it will happen to us all the time and getting rejected in college should prepare you for what may come once you graduate. Different factors will play certain roles on why or how you’ll get rejected but the technique is for you to get better at handling it. It’s never going to be easy but handling it with the knowledge that you can always improve the next time you try will help you feel better. Rejection can come from anyone or anything in any situation so you should always be prepared for it anytime.

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If you think about it, getting rejected can be good for you. It is a humbling experience for all of us and it will allow us to see what we could improve within ourselves. We could learn more and the rejection could eventually lead us to the path that we were meant to take. Use this form of failure as motivation to get better the next time. So don’t worry about getting rejected, learn from it and move forward. You will always have the chance to try again.

If you get rejected, it’s okay. You will be fine as long as you decide to become a better individual because of it. Don’t give up.

Ninez Hernandez
A sensitive flirt, an awkward tease and a metallurgical engineer, surprisingly.

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An Open Letter To The Rejected Engineering Student

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