Awesome Shipping Container Houses and Offices Built By Engineers and Architects

Engineers and Architects from all over the world take their skill on another level and turn ordinary shipping containers into interesting houses and offices

Who says you can turn boring, ordinary, rectangular steel boxes into something beautiful? These engineers and architects from all over the world have proven just that- by making houses and offices out of steel shipping containers. Here’s a 10 of them

1)      De Maria Design Redondo Beach House

Source: Popular Mechanics

This beautiful award-winning Redondo Beach house is one of the most beautiful and luxurious storage container creations we’ve ever seen. One of them even has a pool!

2)      London’s Container City

Source: Viralismo

First starting out at the London Docklands in 2001 with 12 studios, 3 stories high, this low cost and environmentally friendly living space by Urban Space Management can make anyone feel right at home.

3)      Container City II

Source: Corriere

After the success of their first Container house, Urban Space Management decided to create Container City 2, with 22 studios, 5 stories high. It also has an Elevator

Source: Popular Mechanics

4)      All Terrain Cabin

Source: Popular Mechanics

This nice and cozy cabin by Canadian company Bark Design Collective can sustain up to 4 people who want to live off the grid and enjoy the peace and serenity of the Canadian nature.

5)      The Ecopod

Source: Pinterest

A nice and small container home that’s designed to be eco-friendly with its solar panels powering the house, a floor made out of car tires, birch paneling, and double panned glass for slow heat transfer.

6)      Adam Kalkin Quik House

Source: Pacific Walk Homes

The Quik house by architect Adam Kalkin has a 6-month waiting list for customers who want their own container house built

7)      illy Push Button House

Source Viralismo

Inspired by Adam Kalkin’s designs, Italilian coffee brewers from illycaffe had commissioned him to create the Push Button house, which goes from a boring maroon colored box of steel to a fully furnished café in 90 seconds

8)      Cove Park Artists’ Retreat

Source: Popular Mechanics

Care for a nice retreat on the Scottish country side? Well Urban Space management has just the right house for you!

9)      Port-a-Bach

Source: Slideshare

For whatever purpose you might need it as, Atelier Workshop has made a nice and minimalist living space that can support up to 2 adults and 2 children. This thing goes from a fully enclosed steel shell to a nice off-grid vacation house in a matter of seconds.

Source: Popular Mechanics

10)   2+ Weekend House

Source: Popular Mechanics

And finally, this cute mini container house from Jure Kotnik makes it a suitable house for anyone.

Source: Popular Mechanics

Article Source:

Popular Mechanics

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Awesome Shipping Container Houses and Offices Built By Engineers and Architects

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