Badass Re-engineered Wheelchair Go-Kart

Making go-karts out of everyday items is a very awesome hobby

This is a kickass wheelchair go-kart from Jasper’s Garage.

Engineering student, Jasper Edwards, likes to make go-karts out of anything he could get his hands on. He’s upgraded wheelchairs, shopping carts, and many other everyday things with go-kart features to make them zoom on the track. Edwards spends his time scavenging junkyards for any useable parts he could add to his designs.

Wheelchair Go-KartSource: Jasper’s Garage)

Wheelchair Go-Kart (Source: Jasper’s Garage)

As of the moment, Edwards’ shopping go-cart can speed up to 50mph and is now applying for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. All his engineered work are not done step-by-step and he takes pride in his works of art. His view on instructions is somewhere along the lines of “why don’t you just buy it then?” If you want to get the entire story, check out his video documentary below.

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Badass Re-engineered Wheelchair Go-Kart

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