Unveiled: The World’s Largest (Permanent) Periodic Table of Elements

If you still can't see this with your nerdy glasses on, we don't know anymore.

We are used to check the Periodic Table of Elements in printed form, often in paper or cardboards. Some days, we refer to our digital copies in our smartphones. But now, a Spanish university has taken it to a whole new level: turn it into a building mural.

Considered to be the world’s largest permanent periodic table, it is engraved on the exterior walls of the chemistry department building of the University of Murcia. It is a tribute to Dmitri Mendeelev’s genius.

About 150 square meters in total, the giant periodic table comprises 118 pieces of 75×75 metal squares which represent all the known elements. They are mounted on screen attached to the side of the chemistry faculty building.

Source: University of Murcia via Chemistry World

Twelve companies around Spain sponsored the building of the giant periodic table.

The chemistry building has a beveled design of glass and concrete facade, which according to the dean of the faculty of chemistry Pedro Lozano Rodriguez, gave them the idea of putting up a giant periodic table.

In an interview with Chemistry World, he said, “We want to send a positive message to society about chemistry, and how much good chemistry has contributed to the wellness of society. [People] must know that everything that surrounds us is formed by the elements contained in this periodic table.”

Source: University of Murcia via Chemistry World

He regarded it to be an ‘artistic ensemble’ which will go along with a 50-seat grandstand. It will serve as an open-air classroom for the students to view the periodic table.

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This is not the first time that the periodic table was scaled up. An 8-storey high periodic table made of posers was made in 2006 at the Richard J Daley Center in Chicago, USA as part of the city’s first annual Science Expedition.

Moreover, the record for the world’s largest temporary periodic table was made last year, with more than 100 schools in San Antonio, Texas collaborated to lay 3.5 x 4.5 m tarpaulin ‘elements out in a stadium. It covered a total area of more than 2,000 square meters.

Source: Chemistry World

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Unveiled: The World’s Largest (Permanent) Periodic Table of Elements

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