Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Turned Fashion Designer

An Engineer who makes jewelries, wedding dresses and even furniture.

Nere Emiko who was born and raised in Nigeria is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Integrated Master’s/Bachelor’s program. Having been a member of a school organization about fashion during her college days, Emiko developed a great interest in designing.

Source: Rodolfo Gonzales/Statesman

Five years after working as an engineer, Emiko started to design bridal gowns under the brand Beth Elis. “The way I started doing wedding dresses was that I saw the need [to show a dress that reflects the wearer’s unique personality. And I thought I can meet this need”, according to Emiko. She also said that the fashion industry was just like engineering in a sense that, if one sees a problem, she should try to fix it.

It might sound superficial as to how one can relate an engineering degree to fashion. But as Emiko explains it, her engineering background allowed her to have a deep sense of innovation and gain a mindset of creating a design solution for any problem.

Source: BethElis

Currently, Emiko is handling her boutique Gilda Grace in Texas which features wedding dresses from her Beth Elis brand and other collections by Katerina Bocci, plus antiques, vintage finds, shoes, bags and even furniture.

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Loudette Fabian
Contributor, Asia and the Pacific. Loudette is a metallurgical engineering student at the University of the Philippines.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Turned Fashion Designer

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