Smart Trees, 3D Offices, Flying Taxi, What’s Next in Smart City Dubai?

Dubai and Huawei Aim For City of The Future

What’s Next in Smart City Dubai? 

With flying taxi, smart trees, rotating building, 3D printed offices and smart offices made available to the citizens of Dubai, it’s safe to say that this place is about to be considered a technology driven, smart city. Add a smart beach already on its way to becoming available to beachgoers as well.

Smart City Dubai (Photo credit: Cisco)

Sheikh Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, wants everything connected and automated – car parks, power grids, roads and government services. One partner the city’s administrators have chosen to help make their plans possible is the Chinese firm, Huawei.

Smart City Dubai (Source: Dubai Design District)

According to Safder Nazir, the regional vice president of smart cities and IoT:

“As Huawei continues to provide solutions and services to multiple Dubai industries including healthcare, education, finance, transportation, and energy, standardizing more components of ICT infrastructure – particularly in the IoT era – will help foster this necessary development.”

Smart City Dubai (Photo credit: Pinterest)

Nazir adds that smart cities usually provide its citizens with a better quality of live by better services provided by the government, cleaner environmental practices and improved experiences for the cities’ citizens and tourists. They will focus on making Dubai “user-centric and user-friendly”. With over 100 smart cities on Huawei’s track record, it’ll be no problem for the company to help Dubai make it a smart city as well.

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Smart City Dubai (Photo credit: Pinterest)

So far, Dubai and Huawei have worked together to provide smart lighting for the city. Both are currently working on providing innovative products and services for a knowledge-based economy

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Smart Trees, 3D Offices, Flying Taxi, What’s Next in Smart City Dubai?

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