4 Ways to Add Art to Your Technical Field – From STEM to STEAM

Life is supposed to be yin and yang, and you're only getting one if you don't get involved with the arts.

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The brain is subdivided into two hemispheres: the left and the right. The left side of the brain is said to have all functions of analytic thought, logic, language, computations, science and math; while the right side is believed to be responsible of the human’s holistic thought, intuition, imagination, creativity, arts and music. With such division, the people involved in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) have dominance of the left brain – but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the right brain will have to be neglected. We, engineers, should open our hearts and minds to tinker with the arts and humanities and convert the field of STEM to STEAM, with “A” which stands for the Arts.

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In an ideal world, our mind works like the yin and yang.  True, engineers are bombarded with technical knowledge that is required for us to learn in order to perform effectively on our mandates. But we still need to have that grasp of our creative and artistic side in order to balance out both sides of the brain and enable us to become better problem solvers. And that could be done by any of the following:

Do Nothing

If you devout yourself with work and get busy with engineering all the time, you are most likely to lose most of your creative inputs. The best creativity generator is just doing nothing, which frees up your mind with all the technical clutter. This is proven with the fact that some of the best ideas sprouting out of shower.

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Make a Work Environment that Appeal to All Senses

Having sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell work in different ways that interacts with your environment off of work will help you enhance your creative juices. Listen to music. Cook! Anything that comes into mind that keeps you busy –  off-of-work busy – as long as it stimulates the basic senses.

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Change a Routine

Perhaps having the same set of activities and lifestyle doesn’t open up to new perspectives. Try doing something out of the ordinary to disturb your usual schedule. This is a good thing because it drains the tiring, everyday system.

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Pursue Art

This is the sure-fire path towards releasing your inner creative. It wouldn’t hurt if you can take a painting or dance class, maybe guitar lessons, when you’re off of your engineering work. Or do a side project or hobby at home that has something to do with just expressing yourself. Not only that it will unleash your hidden artistic side, taking such classes or lessons will expand your skill set and boost your morale and confidence.

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You can choose any of the options above to find the yang to your yin, or the other way around; or you can forget all of it and just follow this rule of thumb: forgive yourself and do not rot in the enclosure that is the world of engineering. Be engaged with the arts!

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4 Ways to Add Art to Your Technical Field – From STEM to STEAM

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