Catalan Artist Imagines the White House in 2020 Under Donald Trump

Victor Enrich creates ‘Phallus 2020’, which is his artistic impression of the White House under the Trump administration's dystopia.

Several impressions emerged after Donald Trump was voted as the 45th President of the United States. Controversies here and there were thrown to the politically inexperienced new commander-in-chief as he draws close to his inauguration.

Some have expressed themselves through art, like the Mexico-based designers who envisioned Trump’s Wall. Catalan photographer Victor Enrich has another thing in mind: what would the White House look like under Donald Trump administration?

He had put his talent to good use. Only a few hours after Trump was declared victorious over Hillary Clinton, Enrich took to his computer and digitally constructed a fictional interpretation of the White House in 2020.

Called the Phallus 2020, the parodied White House is 13 copies stacked of the existing main building. It mimics the President’s residential and hotel schemes, complete with a golden Trump logo on top of the tower.

Source: Victor Enrich
Source: Victor Enrich

The photographs of the Phallus 2020 are available on Enrich’s website.

Enrich’s artistic reaction was taken out of Donald Trump’s victory as ‘a direct punch in the face’.

He explains, “I tried to reflect on a certain dystopia in which Trump, without encountering any opposition, decides to transform the White House into a kitschy skyscraper made of 13 copies of the main building, obviously crowned with the golden logo of his family name.

“Washington D.C. is one of the few American cities that adheres to strict urban norms regarding construction. One of these norms is that no single building can be taller than the Capitol. Of course, Trump doesn’t respect this rule. Instead, he grabs it by the pussy.”

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Needless to say that Enrich was pissed with the turnout of the recent elections. Trump, he says, embodies the sort of profile based on the complete opposite approach to dealing with social reality [of respecting minorities and welcoming diversity].

The artist is famous for his manipulated photographs of buildings. This one is definitely one of his best yet.


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Catalan Artist Imagines the White House in 2020 Under Donald Trump

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