Scale-Modelling: This Boeing 777 is Made Entirely from Manila Folders

Engineers love scale-modelling, so we’re sure you’ll love this!

This is extreme scale-modelling. Luca Iaconi-Stewart, a designer and a“crazy guy who loves aviation” as stated from his YouTube channel, is currently building an intricately detailed model Boeing 777 made entirely from manila folders! And when we say intricately-designed—we mean it!

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Luca could be called the World’s Best Paper Airplane maker, and he has been working on the Boeing 777 model for over 8 years. There had been a few interruptions like college, but he’s continuing the work today. The project started when he was in a high school architecture class. Then he found a high-detailed diagram online of an Air India Boeing 777. By making use of Adobe Illustrator, he printed all the schematics on manila folders. Then with an X-acto knife and glue, he was able to create the parts.

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His creations are in no way amateurish. From the retractable landing gear to the passenger seats, all of them look like the real thing! He said that the most difficult parts were the round structures like the wheels and had to repeat other structures multiple times.

Source: Static Flickr

If you want to be updated on his latest work, you can check out his YouTube channel

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Scale-Modelling: This Boeing 777 is Made Entirely from Manila Folders

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