How to Choose the Right Paint and Color for Your Home

Rain or Shine paint is the right choice


Building your dream house is not an easy task; painting your dream house is a whole different story. The color of both your exterior and interior walls says a lot about the vibes of your entire house. But while it is easy to look at the broad array of color options in the hardware store, picking the best ones to fit your house might not be as easy.

Whether it’s your first time or your second, the paint job is not always a piece of cake. But you need not worry about that anymore. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you in decorating (or redecorating) your home.

Pick your room color starting from the largest and most centrally located room


The biggest part of the house is always a great place to start imagining what your color palette would look like. It can be either your living room or kitchen. A soft, neutral hue for this room, like the colors of Rain or Shine’s ROS Classic, will make the color selection a lot easier for you. From there, it should be easy to move on to the next spaces in the house.

Create a palette with colors of the same hue

Once you’ve settled on the color of your main room, all you need to do now is to select the shades of the same hue for your walls and adjacent rooms. This will make the building of your palette easier and faster. Simply move on the next shade of that particular color and you’re done! The advantage of this trick is that you’re sure that the final colors of the rooms will blend well together.

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Separate the downstairs and upstairs rooms

When you’re working on two or three-story houses, it is best to work on the colors of both levels separately. Feel free to create one mood or theme for the downstairs space and another mood for the upstairs space. This will create a diversified vibe in your home and will not make it look monotonous.

Use neutral colors for connecting spaces

Halls and landings are best painted with neutral colors such as white, greige, or beige. This will put the highlights in the colors of the room and not on the blank spaces in between. However, if you chose the mentioned colors for your rooms, then the connecting spaces should be painted with hues that are about a shade or two darker from the colors of your room.

Rain or Shine paint is the right choice

Whether you’re looking forward to finally adorning your new home with inspirational colors or just simply want to redecorate your house and conceal ugly cracks and spaces, Rain or Shine Paint is ready to serve all your painting needs. Select from a wide variety of colors of the ROS Classic or the ROS Hi-Gloss for your interior paint. For your exterior walls, you can count on ROS Dirt Shield and ROS Hydro Lock to keep your walls free from leaks and cracks and prolong the exterior beauty of your house.

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How to Choose the Right Paint and Color for Your Home

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