These Home-Made Light Bulbs Require NO Electricity

Home-made light bulbs that are off the grid

Image Source: Design Boom

You got load shedding? No electricity? No problem!

I’m predicting this could be the next hipster fad! Home-made non electric light bulbs! Though I doubt they will ever light the next World Series. DIY enthusiasts with a penchant for getting their hands kitchen-and-wet dirty will love the step by step directions to mix and mold these bulbs, available on Korean blog Hobby Design.

No electricity? No problem! (All Image Source: Design Boom)

The light bulbs are molded from a rubbery silicone substance mixed with a phosphorus pigment that glows in the dark. Most of the stuff to make them is available from your local hardware store, and the pigment (available in green or blue) can be ordered through Amazon or EBay. To make it functional, these have been designed to fit into a standard socket, but we strongly suggest that no one ever puts these into a live socket, unless they wish to become a burning beacon to their local emergency services.


To charge the pigment, the bulbs need time in full, bright sun and will probably discharge at night over 3- 5 hours. The light is soft to say the least, just enough to shatter the pitch blackness of a moonless night. It even makes a subtle sci-fi aura feels! It is also fun to macramé these lights to make perfect sense. Though I can’t see any power company executives trembling in their boots yet. But, still you never know what the future holds. This just maybe a start for another “brighter” idea.

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These Home-Made Light Bulbs Require NO Electricity

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