This Could Be Earth 100 Years From Now

If you were to predict what the future would look like a hundred years from now, what would you say?

Future Earth.

If you were to predict what the future would look like a hundred years from now, what would you say? The world is constantly evolving and wherever you look, you see people constantly changing their lifestyles to catch up on the latest technologies made available. Engineers, architects, scientists constantly search and develop materials that would improve our way of living, especially now when they have to integrate green technology in our lives.

Samsung shows what the world’s leading futurists, architects, technological forecasters and sociological researchers think about our future. These results were compiled in “SmartThings Future Living Report”.

The compilation of predictions were divided into different categories: future living, science and research, medicine and aging, leisure and travel and outer space.

Source: Giphy (Future Earth)

Future Living tackles the way humans will choose to live. 3D-Printed homes will be made available for anyone to easily move in different regions. A possibility of living in super high skyscrapers and under the sea is also considered.

For science and research, it is quite obvious that men will eventually integrate machines in their bodies, blurring the line between what makes a man a man and what makes a machine a machine. A DIY healthcare was also included in the prediction for medicine and aging. Imagine just walking around your house and just using a medical capsule to diagnose yourself with any illness.

If you’re into traveling, spaceflight will be easier for you to navigate the world. Forget about settling down in one place, you’ll be constantly moving around and in the fastest way possible.  As for outer space predictions, expect men and women to start living in other planets. Elon Musk has made it even clear that he wants to send people to Mars soon.

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See the infographic below, created by Futurism, to see more details about these predictions:

Source: Visual Capitalist (Future Earth)

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This Could Be Earth 100 Years From Now

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