Why Is It So Easy to Give Up on Engineering?

“Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?”

When an engineering student is about to give up, he or she is not really the one to blame. Thousands of engineering students in the world experience the same kind of frustration, the same kind of feeling. It’s becoming a universal thing, really. Maybe because the root causes are innate in the course. Millennial engineers, are we right?

While the giving up attitude is happening too many, let’s think about why.

Engineering is hard. You probably already have an idea with that on the first semester in an engineering college, having to experience the taste of what it’s like to have terror professors and hard-to-grasp maths. As you move up the learning ladder, term after term, engineering students are required to absorb more theories, formulas and concepts. There are just so many things to do for one person all at once, and it mixes up things in your mind. On the process of that experience, engineering students will realize that their course is hell. There is no argument to that.

Engineering gives a lot of pressure. Not only because of the difficulty of the course, but also what is expected from engineering students that is also detrimental to our mental health. Those who learn engineering are anticipated to be best in every aspect of math and physics, when in fact an engineering course is focused on certain subjects only that fit to the course strand. Engineering students are also victims of “you are an engineer and you should be good at math, so how much is 3592 times 539?” As if engineering students are bound to answer that with their human capacity. The society has the wrong idea of engineers, which demands engineering students on wrong grounds as well. It affects how engineering students perform at school.

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Engineering lifestyle sucks. While you are at home doing assignment, projects and other requirements, your non-engineer friends, most likely the liberal majors are out there having fun. Engineering students miss out a lot in life in contrast to the others because there are a lot more work required to do. It’s also frustrating to think that you’re in engineering only to be enslaved by your course. It is a comparison that cannot be removed from engineering students who want to live a normal life.

It’s quite understandable for engineering students to give up because of the mentioned reasons. But I’ve got one thing to say: don’t. Remember why you started and stick to that until you march on your way to that diploma.

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Why Is It So Easy to Give Up on Engineering?

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