This is Social Good: One Bike, Free Electricity, Billions in Change

Here’s the latest update on Manoj Bhargava’s quest to change the world.

Manoj Bhargava’s Billion in Change initiative in India

We’re all familiar with Manoj Bhargava’s story. This billionaire created the famous 5-hour Energy and has earned billions keeping everyone awake. With the money he earned, he uses his wealth to make the world a better place. A noble intention that has mixed charitable works with science and technology. One of his missions is to provide free electricity to billions of people. This is social good in action!

Source: Billions in Change 

To make this possible, his social good engineering team has come up with the project called Free Electric. It’s a “reclining hybrid stationary bicycle that generate electricity.” Imagine pedaling for an hour. Not only will this give you a good work, using Free Electric, you would be able to produce enough energy to power up one whole household. Free energy, everyone! It’s free!

Now, the project is already two months old and so far, the people in India are loving it. For those who didn’t have access to electricity before, the Free Electric project is a marvel to them. They can use the bike to light up their homes, improve their daily tasks’ efficiencies and connect to more people across the world. These activities include kids studying at night, businessmen continuing their work at night and everyone else having a better time spent with loved ones at night.

Source: Billions in Change 

As their company works on improving the project, they focus on providing energy for larger machineries and equipments. Now, they want to spread the use of the bike across India and set it up in Singapore. They aim to have all these bikes up and running by late summer.

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For more information about Bhargava and his team’s journey into making a difference, take a look at their documentary, Billions in Change. And read our exclusive interview with Manoj

Source: Billions in Change via YouTube

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This is Social Good: One Bike, Free Electricity, Billions in Change

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