The Traffic Lights of the Future Will Be on the Pavement

An Australian firm suggested to install traffic lights for pedestrian warning on the ground.

Traffic lights on the ground? Yup, it’s the future.

The next time you are crossing the street in front of a pedestrian lane, you may no longer have to look directly in front of you: it’s enough to nod down to your smartphone because the street lights in red, green and yellow can already be found on the ground.

This is what a firm from Melbourne, Australia called Büro North pushes as a new concept for traffic lights as the fad of smartphone games has become popular. The concept they have developed is called Smart Tactile Paving.

The people, with their smartphones, have constantly walked through the streets with their eyes down their devices. And they are looking at in-ground lights to prevent pedestrian accidents from happening.

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It works like normal traffic lights – the LED lighting turns red to stop and green to safely walk through. It is integrated with a tactile pavement which is a textured ground surface used mainly to aid visually impaired or blind pedestrians in identifying edges of footpaths and platforms.

These pavement traffic lights would lie in front of crosswalks on sidewalks. Will such be the death of the vertical traffic lights

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The Traffic Lights of the Future Will Be on the Pavement

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