Why You Shouldn’t Purely Rely on Technology

Technology nowadays is indispensable, but there are times when we should opt for traditional methods instead of relying purely on technology.

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Let’s say you’re rushing for work or school, you grab all your stuff and rush out the door and get a cab. Finally, you get to your office or school, then when you get a hold of yourself and fix your stuff, you realize you forgot your precious mobile phone at home. NOOO! How will you get through the day without your phone and all the awesome apps that you’ve been relying on?

This may be a bit far-fetched, but there really are people who can’t live a day without their phones or gadgets with them. Not only in this instance, but there are many other examples wherein we rely too much on technology that we forget that it’s sometimes more efficient to do some tasks by ourselves. Here’s why:

#1 Digital messages can’t express emotion

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Text messages, emails, and chat messages cannot convey emotion—no matter how many emojis you add on your messages. Choose to talk to a person personally if the matter is important, especially so if you need to apologize.

#2 The power of sticky notes

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It’s alright to have your long term tasks marked on your phone calendar, but sometimes you only end up wasting time moving around your tasks if they take more time than expected or if a new task comes up. To be effective in scheduling, write down (on actual paper or stick notes) the next 3 things you need to accomplish and get the satisfaction of crossing out each one as you finish them. Repeat once done.

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#3 Siri or Google can’t give that “personal touch”

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Siri or Google can tell you what to give your friend on his/her birthday, but they can’t really tell if he/ she wants a new book, a red shirt or purple shoes for his/her birthday. For these kinds of things, it’s always better to have that personal touch instead of relying on tech.

#4. Ditch Spell Check.

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Invest some time in reading more articles, books, or any literature to boost your vocabulary and writing skills. This will not only make you sound smart but it will also help you develop better communication skills. Be your own proofreader, or ask a skilled officemate to proofread for you instead on relying on spell check

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Why You Shouldn’t Purely Rely on Technology

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