Tricks That Doubles Up the Bandwidth

A Radio that Has the Capability to Send and Receive Data at Same Frequency

(Source: Columbia University)

Double Your Bandwidth.

People have been complaining about slow (and crappy) wireless data connections.  Luckily for us, some guys from Stanford University found a way to solve this problem.

A startup company, Kumu Networks, that sprang up from Stanford University has claimed that they have been able to solve the problem of radio communications that has been bothering people for a very long time now. They have created a new algorithm, as well as a circuit, which will make data send and receive data at the same time.




The company has displayed its prototype and said that they will run trials of this device with wireless carriers that are basically unspecified.

The technology that has been integrated in this is known as full-duplex radio. This handles the problem that is popularly known as self-interference. As we know, radios send signals, as well as receive them. The frequency sent out by them is much stronger than the data received. If the radio makes any attempt to receive data on a particular frequency, it is shoved off when its receiver is picking up outgoing signals at the same time.

This makes our data coverage and capacity suck big time.

Double Your Bandwidth (Source: Giphy)

This is the reason why most radios (even the ones that are present on your phone), Wi-Fi routers and base stations send out information at one frequency and receive information at a different one. Because of this, radios use more wireless bandwidth than they require.

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To avoid this, Kumu built a circuit that is as fast as the superhero, Flash, in predicting the amount of interference that is to be created by a radio transmitter. With each new data, the circuit generates a whole new signal, this makes data transmission faster.

This is certainly a great breakthrough in telecommunications. This idea could be picked up by different communication companies and used to improve their own telecommunication systems. That way everyone wouldn’t have any more slow data connection problems! After all, this is the age of information.

This could probably be the start of something new. And better data coverage, of course!

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Tricks That Doubles Up the Bandwidth

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