2016 Report Shows Employers’ Struggle in Hiring Engineers

Hiring engineers is as complex of a task as the engineering field itself.

Engineers are the hardest people to hire, says Manpower Group according to their recent annual study on the “US Top 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill.” Their dedicated engineering group, Experis Engineering, published a detailed report that showed the recent supply-demand curve and their effects on the industry.

In summary, this is what their report included:

32% of employers in the US are having a hard time when it comes to filling their ranks.

82% of this are employers looking for engineers or are in the engineering field.

95% of the all industries are planning to include engineers in their respective companies, but a large 20% of them lack confidence that these roles would be filled.

As compared to 2015, the firm also included some tidbits to their reports about the “Top 5’s” with regards to the upcoming trends for engineering this first quarter of 2016.

Engineers that are In-Demand

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The need for specific engineers are different per company, but this list shows the collective information of which engineer is at the top of the demand chain. Their reports last year showed that electrical engineers were at the hype of demand, and two of the engineering fields that are now on the list weren’t even on the top 5 last year.


Mechanical engineers


Electrical engineers


Manufacturing engineers


Chemical engineers


Control systems engineers


What makes an employer say “NO”

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There are many factors that affect hiring shortages in engineering and these are the top 5 challenges that each employer faces.

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Lack of experience


Lack of applicants


Lack of hard job skills/technical skills


Salary demands too high


Lack of soft skills/workplace competencies


You may have hundreds of engineers wanting to enter your company but all of that is meaningless if they don’t make the cut. This is a very significant factor on why engineers are difficult to acquire for your company

In Conclusion

Hiring engineers is as complex of a task as the engineering field itself. Most employers look for the skills that new and aspiring engineers didn’t even learn at school and this is also one of many factors why companies are having difficulties in hiring new talents.

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2016 Report Shows Employers’ Struggle in Hiring Engineers

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