It’s Acceptable to Settle with a Passing Grade in any College of Engineering

College of Engineering: “My score is not important, as long as I passed the exam.”

College of Engineering Truth: Engineering subjects are hard and challenging, which is why it’s acceptable to settle with a passing grade.

Those who do not study engineering may raise their eyebrows upon reading that statement. But what they do not realize is that surviving engineering entails blood, sweat, and tears – passing one engineering subject will definitely have to be a struggle, more so when a lot of engineering subjects are taken in one term.

College of Engineering acceptable passing grade

Only an engineering student understands the struggles of another engineering student; which is why when I say that, “I’m already happy with my passing mark,” other engineering students might offer me a consoling hug because of the shared feeling. Every engineering student knows the feeling of exaltation when he or she finds out that he passed the exam, no matter what the score is.

College of Engineering acceptable passing grade

It has come to a point to engineering students that whatever we do in trying to get a better score, a certain force of nature, somehow likened to gravity, will pull us down to the passing mark during exams. Some thought process might be misconfigured, probably because of the many formulas and constant we need to know.

College of Engineering acceptable passing grade

But many can guarantee and agree with me that we are doing our best – by best, I mean pulling all-nighters, squeezing all study resources, and solving as many problems as possible for practice – to earn the better scores. It’s just whenever we try, most of us keep falling short and also keep failing the exam; some get the passing grade if they are lucky. Ultimately, it’s the fact that we did our best that matters. We have put a fight to get the best grade we can have, than having not to try at all.

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College of Engineering acceptable passing grade

This is not about settling with mediocrity as an engineering student. It’s about celebrating the fact that we managed to get the passing grade despite the odds of failing. Being able to succeed through passing the exam, we’ve overcome failure and prove that we know enough about the subject.

Perhaps it is safe for engineering students to pull off this line: “my score is not important, as long as I passed the exam.” And it’s quite silly because deep inside we know we are at the verge of failing, but we are entitled to the bragging right just because we hit the passing mark.

What’s important is the lesson learned, pass or fail. Students in College of Engineering have an indefinite curve for exam scores; and at different points of that curve, we must know how to cope up.


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It’s Acceptable to Settle with a Passing Grade in any College of Engineering

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