Why Engineering Students Need to Take Statistics Subjects Seriously

You are most likely to use statistics in your work later on.

Engineering Statistics is perhaps one of those subjects in college that are taken for granted by the students. There’s no one to blame about it though, because the topics can indeed get confusing with the formulas and tables needed to be familiarized. But beyond the difficulty, engineering students should learn statistics at heart because it is a subject matter that cannot be taken out of an engineer’s work later on, especially those in the field of research and development.

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Statistics is a field of science that helps in making decisions and drawing conclusions in the presence of variability.

It is a tool used for strength analysis, measurement system error analysis, test data analysis, and probabilistic risk assessment, among others. Methods and techniques in statistics allow different kinds of engineers to make a consistent machine or product, detect problems, understand phenomena subject to variation, and predict systems.

One classical example is that of transportation engineering. One of the many problems in the field is knowing the capacity of highway systems. Through various amounts of data like the number of non-work, home-based trips, the number of persons per household, and the number of vehicles per household, a trip-generation model can be produced which relates trips to the number of persons per household and the number of vehicles per household. To achieve this, a statistical technique often used in engineering called regression analysis is used in the construction of this model.

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Why Engineering Students Need to Take Statistics Subjects Seriously

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