Why Engineers Who Love Their Jobs Are Sexy Engineers

We all adore someone who loves his job.

Sexy engineers love their jobs!

I was scrolling through an old conversation I had with someone over a month ago. I met him on a dating app and unlike the usual direct indecent proposals one gets on that platform, he was a gentlemen. He’s an engineer I happened to swipe right on and things really hit it off that night.

I told him I’m a writer with an engineering degree and when I asked him if he loves his job, I got a big “Yes!” for a response. What really made him attractive was the way he projected himself that he really enjoys his profession – something not every engineer feels with his/her job. Even though I didn’t really understand what his job required him to do, I was really into him.

Sexy engineers love their jobs (Source: Giphy)

Looking back, I was always attracted to engineers who were sure about the profession they want to be in. I guess there really is something sexy about someone who was sure about what he wanted to do with his life. Maybe it’s the way they light up when they talk about their jobs and their plans for the future that makes their passions infectious.

We live in a world where society always makes us doubt our decisions. I know plenty of people in the engineering field who aren’t too sure that their passions lie within their profession. So meeting someone who loves his job and talks about having the time of his life being an engineer is rare and really sexy. It’s a huge turn-on.

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Sexy engineers love their jobs (Source: Giphy)

We also can’t ignore the fact that if you date an engineer, it means that he’s smart and he knows his way around so many things. Another plus factor about why most people often find engineers attractive is their financial stability. Compared to so many jobs, we all know engineering pays really well. Let’s be honest here, it’s a burden to hang out with someone who can’t pay his own bills.

The point of what I’m trying to say here is that we all love to be with someone who loves what he is doing. With people complaining about how they hate jobs, it feels good to talk to someone who follows his dreams and lives the life he wants. Being with people like that makes us aspire to go for the things, people and jobs that we love. They inspire us to be like them as well. And if that engineer made me love my job even more, then that’s a huge turn on.

So, to all our engineering readers, the next time you go out on a date with someone, stop whining about your jobs and talk about what lights up your soul. Nobody wants to be with a whiner. There’s nothing sexy about that.

Sexy engineers love their jobs (Source: Giphy)

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Why Engineers Who Love Their Jobs Are Sexy Engineers

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