Why Engineers Need A 3-Day Weekend

For engineers who end up getting so caught up with work and deadlines, having a 3-day weekend sounds perfect! Fridays mean a rest day for you too!

We all dread waking up early every Monday morning to prepare for work. After five days, our moods start to lighten up and we get excited for the weekend that’s about to come. For two days, we get to stay away from work and all the stress and drama it brings into our lives. But imagine having to go to work only four times a week? Forget about reporting to work on a Friday, Fridays mean a rest day for you too!

For engineers who end up getting so caught up with work and deadlines, having a 3-day weekend sounds perfect!

While some companies have allowed to give their employees flexible working hours, a lot of companies in Asia seem to prefer choosing hours spent working over output with flexible working time. Some people think that cutting off one day for work seems to be impossible given the amount of work load in the company.

But in Europe, more companies are starting to implement the 3-day weekends and there are benefits why engineers must have it too!

Engineers become more productive.

Today’s technology can help us make our work faster, but unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to everyone. For everyone at work, more tasks are done and more goals are achieved when you become efficient.

For other people, they think they’re super busy but in reality, they are not as busy as they think they are. Going to work only four times a day will help engineers get the extra push to get things done on time. With only four days of work, you need to get the most out of your time.

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It also helps that having three days of rest will help an engineer become more productive at work.

Engineers are happier.

We keep complaining that having two days is not enough to get the rest we need. Imagine having three days of rest? That’s clearly enough for us to run our errands, catch up with our family and friends, then have some “me” time before heading to work again.

The more we feel rested and do the things we love outside work, we become happier.

This is the case for Scandinavian countries who practice a 4-day workweek. They have high happiness levels to their work-life balance.

Engineers become healthier. 

It’s quite obvious why engineers get healthier if they have three days of rest instead of only two. When one gets more downtime, they can get the chance to recharge fully, decrease their stress levels and get ready for a brand new week of work.

What do you think? Would you prefer to have a 3-day weekend or do you find it impossible for your current work load? Leave your answers on the comment section below!


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Why Engineers Need A 3-Day Weekend

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