How To Explain the Six Sigma Concept to a Little Kid

Six Sigma is a concept and set of techniques which has been developed to improve the overall manufacturing process.

With a name like Six Sigma, you might have been confused about what it actually meant the first time you heard it. So, you can only imagine how difficult it must be to explain that to a little guy. Well, we are here to help you. Here is a simple guide to Six Sigma which you can use to help a newbie understand.

At its simplest, Six Sigma is a collection of techniques and concepts. The whole thing was engineered so that manufacturing processes could be improved. It would also ensure that the output was consistent and regular. Okay, so far? Well, if you want to achieve a Six Sigma level of quality, your process should result in only 3.4 defects among a million productions. In simpler terms, your process must be almost flawless if you want it to achieve Six Sigma level quality.

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So, who came up with this stuff? Well, Six Sigma was developed originally by Motorola way back in 1986. However, these techniques were being practiced in the early stages of the 1990s by General Electric. Within a time span of 20 years, a number of industries began to use this methodology widely.

What is the point to all of these stuff? The aim of Six Sigma is to make sure that the manufacturing process results in the best quality of output possible. To achieve that aim, causes of defects are identified and, then removed. The methodology outlines KPIs to make the whole thing possible. They are reduction of process costs and time, reduction of pollution, improvement of customer satisfaction and, finally, increase in profits.

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So, that sums up the basics of Six Sigma. Implementing Six Sigma in your business is a whole different ball game. Of course, a teen has a few years to think about it.

Source: Blogspot

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How To Explain the Six Sigma Concept to a Little Kid

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