Fall in Love with a Chemical Engineer

If there’s someone you’ll want to have Chemistry with, it’s chemical Engineers.

Have you ever felt that you have a certain chemistry with someone? This kind of “chemistry” entails the feeling that nothing could go wrong in the world when you’re with them. Likewise, it’s the feeling you get when every puzzle piece suddenly just falls into place. Why don’t you try and fall in love with a chemical engineer if you haven’t yet? Here are some reasons why.

Chemical Engineers are the Universal Engineers

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Chemical engineers are universal engineers, why? It’s because their field requires them to take up courses from other engineering fields. These fields include electrical engineering and materials engineering. Therefore, chemical engineers can adapt well. They make sure their relationships will have the right sparks and handle your fragile heart well.

Chemical Engineers Can Achieve Maximum Efficiency

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You won’t go wrong with dating a chemical engineer. Chemical engineers are continuously being trained to always target maximum efficiency of complex process systems. Relationships also have different factors that affects the relationships overall performance. Therefore, this applies to relationships as well . Chemical engineers always do their best to achieve maximum efficiency in their relationships.

Chemical Engineers have the passion

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Chemical engineers are passionate about their profession just like all other engineering fields. Chemical engineers can definitely supply all the passion you need in every relationship as much as they do in their careers. Therefore, chemical engineers are always making sure that their passion in relationships never die as well.

Chemical Engineers have the Perfect Balance

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All chemical engineers are good at mass balance. Similarly, they have the edge of balancing everything else. Chemical engineers are able to balance academics, family, friends, and relationships. In other words, nothing is compromised.

So, what are you waiting for? A chemical engineer may be the significant other you’ve been wanting to date all along! Are you currently dating a chemical engineer? Then, tell us all about it in the comments!


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Fall in Love with a Chemical Engineer

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