In Engineering, Women Do Exist

And we have a place! Female engineers have roles to portray the same as the males.

Whenever I tell people that I’m an engineer, I only get two reactions from them: “Oh wow, there are girls in engineering?” or “How did you survive engineering?”

I know that engineering is difficult but those reactions can be misogynistic. Even though it’s already the 21st century and there have been movements that fight gender equality in different countries, I must say people still think female engineers are a rare breed. Some even think that women don’t even belong in engineering schools in the first place.

Engineering is still a male-dominated field but there are women out there who prove that women can be as valuable as the men in the engineering field. Women can be engineers and we are not just mythical creatures that you only see in memes. We are capable of doing great things like all the other engineers we work with. It makes me happy that other women often encourage younger ladies to take up engineering instead of discouraging them of doing so. To be surrounded by people who would doubt our capabilities just because of our sex makes it more difficult for us but it is still possible to be a woman and an engineer.

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We must acknowledge that women are becoming more involved in today’s science and technology. We also cannot deny that women are becoming interested in making bold moves in engineering. More women are coming into the engineering industry and we should welcome them with open arms – because we need more women engineers around the world.

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It is time to show the world that we are capable of producing life-changing technology and that women can make a difference in this world. Again, we are not mythical creatures that most people only make fun of in movies and on the internet. It is time to show the world that our numbers are growing and we are making a movement in engineering.

So, I encourage everyone out there to be supportive of little girls who have an incredible sense of curiosity, little girls who are always curious of their surrounding and little girls who love science and mathematics. Teach them all the possibilities and remind them everyday that they can make these possibilities into reality. Teach them that women can pursue a field in engineering. Constantly remind them that if they want to be engineers, they can. Tell them if they choose to be in the engineering field, they would break the stereotype of women belonging in the kitchen. They would break the stereotype and they could help us show the world that female engineers are not just mythical creatures. We exist and we’re ready for change.

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In Engineering, Women Do Exist

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