This Filipina is One of The Most Powerful Engineers in the World

Anne Aarons, Director of Video Algorithms at Netflix was featured on Business Insider’s list of “The 43 most powerful female engineers of 2017”.

If you don’t have your own subscription of Netflix, you’re missing out on their shows. From the award-winning show The Crown to the much-talked about hit Stranger Things, everybody’s hooked on any original series released on Netflix. Not to mention all the classic shows and beloved movies they have in their lineup every month.

Our weekends are more entertaining now thanks to Netflix and we don’t even have to leave the comfort of our own homes. Did you know that a Filipino engineer is the Director of Video Algorithms at the company? She was even featured on Business Insider’s list of “The 43 most powerful female engineers of 2017”.

Anne Aaron graduated with two degrees in Ateneo de Manila University – Bachelor of Science in Physics in 1998 and Computer Engineering in 1999. She pursued her master’s degree and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in Stanford University. According to her LinkedIn profile, Aaron’s PhD research at Stanford University “was one of the pioneering work in field of Distributed Video Coding.”

In her Stanford profile, she shared, “I am a member of the Image, Video and Multimedia Systems Group, the research group of Professor Bernd Girod.  My research is on distributed source coding and its applications. Using Wyner-Ziv coding, we are developing a low-complexity video encoder for wireless cameras and a novel error-resiliency technique for video broadcasting. We are also applying distributed souce coding techniques to compression for large camera arrays and random access of light fields. ”

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Source: Anne Aaron | Stanford University

View her Stanford resume here.

Source: Anne Aaron via LinkedIn

Before working for Netflix, she was a Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead for Media Processing in Dyyno Inc. She developed “practical expertise in video streaming and peer-to-peer networking”. Then later worked for Cisco, where she was the engineering lead for the video codec components of FlipShare.

When she started working for Netflix in 2011, she was the Senior Software Engineer for its Encoding Technologies and later became the Manager for Video Algorithms in 2014.

Source: Nikki Sun via Twitter

According to her LinkedIn account, she noted, “As Director of Video Algorithms at Netflix I lead of team of software engineers and research scientists responsible for video analysis, processing and encoding in the Netflix ingest and encoding pipeline. We build software in the cloud that encodes and processes video and images at scale. Our team drives innovation that enables more than 93 million Netflix members worldwide watch TV shows and movies with the best video quality possible.”

Source: Huffington Post

In an industry where men usually dominates the work place, it is empowering to see women like Aaron lead people and create something that helps viewers watch their favorite shows with the best viewing experience possible. Clearly, women are putting a mark in the tech world.

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This Filipina is One of The Most Powerful Engineers in the World

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