Geeky Gifts Your Engineer Date Would Want for Valentine’s Day


Geeky gifts for your engineer hubby


It’s the season of hearts, love, cheesy pickup lines, and gifts that would knock your loved one’s socks off. Usually, it’s easy to pick gifts for our partners on valentine’s, but what if your partner is an engineer? It can be a bit difficult to pick out a gift that would really stand out for him/her. So, I made a list from some of the geeky gifts and stuff that you may want to think about buying, or at least give you an idea of what an engineer may want for valentine’s day.

KEF Speakers


Billed primarily as a pair of desktop speakers, we find it hard to imagine that many people are lucky enough to possess a desk big enough to accommodate the 18x22cm footprint of each X300A speaker. Luckily they’re also tuned for placement on a stand, with a switch on the back altering the EQ to suit a position in space. Click here to order KEF speakers via

Game Over Mug

If your significant other loves playing games (plus he’s an engineer/engineering student who stays up all night studying), then this is the perfect gift for him! It may be a bit bulky, but who cares, it looks cool and it this gaming style mug gives of a geeky yet extra cool vibe. This ceramic mug has “game over” written on the bottom once you’ve finished drinking your cup of coffee.

Mini Arcade Machine

Here’s another geeky yet cute gift you can give your loved one for valentine’s day. This portable miniature arcade machine has 240 built in games which are based on all the classic games that 90’s kids cherished and loved. It has a full-color 2.5” screen that comes with full sound effects and music. It has an 8-way control joystick as well as 2 buttons.

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Star Wars BB8 Droid

This BB8 droid geeky gift from Star Wars: The Force Awakens can be controlled via your phone or tablet using Bluetooth. It recognizes and reacts to your voice as well! It can also roam autonomously as it has a mind of its own. You can install upgrades and can create, view, and share holographic messages. This droid can also evolve as you interact.


Pelican Flashlight

The Pelican 2380R is a brand new flashlight that brings the latest and greatest technology together into one product. By incorporating “Slide-Beam technology” (spot to flood), USB rechargeability, full time battery level indication, high performance LED, multiple modes and compact design are only some of the reasons we feel you’ll agree that this is a fantastic new flashlight. The 2380R offers three modes: High/Strobe/Low. The ability to achieve over 300 lumens on high mode with a 3 hours 30 minute run time as well as 30 lumens on low mode for up to 25 hours is a testament to its versatility. The spot to flood beams are achieved instantly with the use of the patented reflector design. A single indicator LED is utilized for continuous monitoring of the battery level as well as monitoring the charge status. The 2380R possesses the ability to transition from rechargeable to disposable formats. A Micro-USB charge cord is included for recharging through its sealed door. Also included is a battery canister that allows for use with two CR-123 disposable lithium batteries. A removable pocket clip is included in support of its compact design as well. Click here to order via


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Geeky Gifts Your Engineer Date Would Want for Valentine’s Day

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