Google Releases The Top Trending Topics in The UAE

Google released a list of the year’s most searched topics on movies, people, songs and destinations in the UAE. Is your fave on the list?

We all know that people are curious and in today’s digital age, everyone would rely on Google to find the answers to mind-boggling questions. Who is Kim Kardashan? Why did Donald Trump win the election? Google has become everyone’s best friend because it clearly provides us all the answers. Some are correct while some are just lies. Either way, Google provides us answers to a lot of questions.

Every year, Google would release a list of the year’s most searched topics from different topics. They’ve released the top trending topics on movies, people, songs and destinations. According to the Head of Communications at Google (Middle East and North Africa), Joyce Baz, “We always look forward to this part of the year where we share how the world searched for 2016. Year in Search is a look back at what caught the attention and curiosity of our users in the Middle East and North Africa over the past 12 months and as always, the results are diverse in the UAE.”

Source: Deadline


1. Euro 2016

2. Pokemon Go

3. Rio Olympics

4. Donald Trump

5. Ramadan

6. T20 World Cup 2016

7. iPhone SE

8. Suicide Squad

9. Eid al Adha

10. Why is there a leap day?

Source: National Review


1. Donald Trump

2. Pratyusha Banerjee

3. Qandeel Baloch

4. Nizar Qabbani

5. Muhammad Ali

6. Prince

7. Christina Grimmie

8. Alan Rickman

9. David Bowie

10. Hillary Clinton

Source: The Castle Report


1. Brexit

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2. Oscars 2016

3. Eid Al Adha 2016

4. Fly Dubai crash

5. Gitex 2016

6. Holi 2016

7. Panama Papers

8. Dubai Canal opening

9. Chinese New Year 2016

10. Pakistan vs England cricket match

Source: Goliath


1. Suicide Squad

2. Deadpool

3. Sultan

4. The Revenant

5. Captain America Civil War

6. Batman vs Superman

7. Conjuring 2

8. Pulimurugan

9. Rustom

10. Finding Dory

Source: YouTube


1. Love yourself

2. Barbes (Arabic song)

3. Panda

4. Closer

5. One Dance

6. Hali Hali (Arabic song)

7. One Call Away

8. 7 years

9. Photograph

10. Hola (by Joey Montana)

Source: Gulf Business

Destinations in the UAE

1. IMG World

2. Legoland Dubai

3. Dubai Opera

4. Cirque du Soleil Dubai

5. Dubai Garden Glow

6. The Green Planet

7. Outlet Village Dubai

8. F1 Abu Dhabi 2016

9. Last Exit dubai

10. Global Village

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Google Releases The Top Trending Topics in The UAE

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