Which Group of Engineers Do You Belong To?

Engineering school has different groups. There may be a lot, but we classified them into the 5 most prevalent groups.

In every university there will always be different groups that someone belongs to. There are the jocks, the snobs, the geeks, the cheerleaders, the rockers, the mean girls, etc.—if you watch some chick flicks or high school type films, you may be familiar to these.

Engineering school has different groups as well. There may be a lot, but we classified them into the 5 most prevalent groups found in engineering school, feel free to comment if there are other groups you may want to add.

#1 The Scholars

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We all know who these people are. Nope, these aren’t just the normal geniuses. They are geniuses, who work extra freaking hard making sure that their grades don’t hit rock bottom since they have a certain grade to maintain. We all know how engineering can be hell to everyone, including geniuses. So, to the scholars who made it—Kudos to you!

#2 The Org Masters

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These students are the masters of time management. They are somehow able to balance studying while actively participating in multiple organizations. From the engineering basketball team to the engineering glee club—they’ve got it covered.

#3 The Hardcore Gamers

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We can say that 30 percent (yes, I made up this percentage) of engineering students belong here. A lot of engineering students LOVE to play games—computer, Play Station, Xbox, etc. But don’t underestimate these guys’ intellects, there are those who love to play and yet are doing well in their studies. After all, games do improve strategic analysis—which is an essential skill for every engineer.

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#4 The Lazy Geniuses

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These guys are amazing! They sleep in class, they have fun all night and they sleep more than you ever had in a day. You don’t see them studying, and yet they get full marks on tests. While you’re there in a test banging your head on the table, trying to solve the secrets of the universe, there will be this one person in your class who aces the exam—effortlessly.

#5 The Social-Skilled

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These students have top notch survival and adaptation skills. They create series of networks to be able to survive the engineering life. From study groups to test leakages. From compiled notes, to learning psychological patters of professors. These guys have a good grasp on how to handle the real world.

There’s a sixth group, I’ll call them the Hybrids. These dudes can belong to 2 or more of the 5 groups mentioned. They can sometimes also be all of them, if they get into the mood. People who belong to this group are highly unpredictable, for they can be the most reliable person today and may be the opposite tomorrow.

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Which Group of Engineers Do You Belong To?

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