Here’s Why You Can’t Survive Engineering Alone

In engineering, we’ve got to stick together.

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Engineering Students #SquadGoals!  Everyone knows how begrudgingly difficult engineering is. This is a universal truth that no one in engineering would refute. For those of you who are already engineers, I’m sure you’ll relate with me on some point. But, if you just got into engineering and think that you can survive engineering without any help from your colleagues, then you’re definitely going through the wrong path. Here’s why.


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Engineering homework has three categories, Hard, Hard as F*ck, and Easy (so your quiz the next day will be Extra Hard as F*ck). Even engineering geniuses will agree with me when I say it’s important to have friends solve homework with you. If you aren’t comfortable solving with others, you can always solve on your own and then compare your solutions with your classmates. It always helps to have friends to check if you forgot to place that negative sign on your final answer.

Another instance is there will be times you might forget to do your homework. It may be probably because you studied the whole night for a different subject, or you might have carelessly forgot about it. Having good friends who will let you copy their assignment during the last minute will be one of the best things that will ever happened to you.

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Free Tutorials

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Other than helping you with your homework, your classmates could help you understands theories and topics you can’t understand. If you’re good at a certain subject, you could also help your classmates out. Sometimes the best teachers are those who can help you understand complicated ideas simply—your classmates.

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No two professors have the same teaching method and no two professors have the same attitude. There are professors who will match the way you want to be taught and there will always be the opposite. There are also professors who try to teach you but can’t seem to understand what they’re trying to say, no matter how hard you try. The best way to solve this problem, is to ask some friends who can actually understand that certain professor to help you with the subject. You can help them in return if they too have a professor they can’t understand and by some chance, you can.


Good times

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There is no greater college joy that to have fun with the people who know your pain as an engineering student. Whether it’s to relieve your stress or to celebrate your mere passing grade that you worked so hard on! Give your brain a rest and go have fun with your engineering friends! Work hard, party harder!

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Bad Times

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Failed a quiz or exam? Failed a subject? No one will understand your pain more than your co-engineering friends.


#SquadGoals: Success Together 

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At the end of your last year in engineering you will look back through the years and remember all the struggles, all the tears, all those happy times, you will remember—you were never alone, and you would not have finished it happily without the support of your bad-ass classmates. Cheers

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Here’s Why You Can’t Survive Engineering Alone

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