I’m a Bisexual Engineer and I’m Proud of It

I came out as bisexual in college when I was studying engineering.

Be proud if you’re a bisexual engineer.

Growing up, I always knew I was different. I had mixed feelings when it came towards relationships. I was a girl growing liking guys. I was also attracted to other girls in class as well. So, when my high school teacher taught us that boys can like boys, girls can like girls and either can like both, I knew I was part of that group. Eventually, I came out as bisexual in college when I was studying engineering.

Proud Bisexual Engineer (Source: Capital Pride)

Of course, it was hard to come out. Not everyone knows what it feels like to both like a guy and a girl. Some would say I was only experimenting. Others would look down on me for not being “normal”. However, I was lucky enough to be part of an engineering school that welcomed anyone from the LGBT community. Later on, I was introduced to other engineering students who were gays, transexual, lesbians and bisexual.

Proud Bisexual Engineer (Source: Giphy)

I’m not saying that coming out made my life easier. I still get looked down on by most people. They still think that I can sbe “fixed”. Whatever that means.

But here I am, finally free from the burden of keeping a secret all to myself. Attending classes made it easier knowing that a lot of my classmates accepted who I am. Given that I’m young and carefree, I get to date around. If I found a guy interested in me, I can work my charm on him. If I found myself attracted to a girl, I can court her if I want to. At the end of the day, I am free to love who I want to love ever since I came out. And I am thankful for the engineering school I’m in for welcoming me.

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So this message goes out to all the engineering students who feel different. Be whoever you want to be. We live in the 21st century already. We can love whoever we want. It’s time to show the world that we can get the job done as engineers and we are just normal human beings capable of so much love and we deserve respect.

Proud Bisexual Engineer (Source: Giphy)

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I’m a Bisexual Engineer and I’m Proud of It

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