This Indestructible Hoodie Was Designed To Last For 100 Years

For everyone who loves to go trekking, camping, mountain climbing, or any adventurous activities, you know that having the good quality, strong clothing is important. This is why

Vollebak an adventure sportsgear company, created what they claim to be a nearly indestructible hoodie that can last for 100 years!

The company was founded by Twin brothers, Nick and Steve Tidball, who are both adventure athletes. They wanted to “create cutting edge adventure sports clothing using insights and discoveries from fields as diverse as neuroscience, physiology, material technology and space exploration.” And so, the creation of the 100 year hoodie!

Their previous products also have this concept, like developing fabric that uses nanotechnology to camouflage blood, dirt, salt and sweat; a jacket that is abrasion resistant that has ceramic material so tough that it is able to scar rock and tolerate high-speed falls reaching 120kph as well as a motion caption mid layer, that is designed to enable people to recognize you as human in only a fraction of a second.

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Now the company’s newest project is the 100 Year Hoodie. It looks and feels like any other ordinary cotton sweatshirt–but it definitely isn’t ordinary! It’s made out of DuPont Kevlar maiing it highly resistant to rips, abrasion and even burns. It was tested in different conditions, like being dragged over rocks, set on fire, and they even tied it on the back of a motorboat. The hoodie was able to tolerate all the scenarios, and was unscathed.!

Here’s a video of the tests in action:

Soure: YouTube, Vollebak

The material used to create this hoodie is capable of surviving extreme temperatures ranging from 300°C to -200°C (You could wear this hoodie on Mars, and it would survive!). It can withstand 4,000 wears, 2,000 washes and up to 100 accidents.

This hoodie retails for $295, which is quite expensive for an ordinary sweatshirt, but for something that could outlive you, then it could be worth it!

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This Indestructible Hoodie Was Designed To Last For 100 Years

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