Why Kärcher Is The Expert in Cleaning

Being the leader in innovative cleaning technology, the company makes sure that all of its services, machines and products can really do the job!

When people think of cleaning, most of them end up thinking they’ll hire others to do it. Who could blame them? Cleaning requires a lot of hard work and given the busy lives we live, it feels like wasting time to spend hours getting elbow grease from doing the chore. This is exactly what Kärcher put in mind when developing cleaning products for its customers.

Being the leader in innovative cleaning technology, the company makes sure that all of its services, machines and products can really do the job! When it comes to modeling its products and machines, it follows the Sinner’s Cycle in the cleaning technology, which comprises of four factors: time, temperature, chemical action and mechanical action.
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Mechanical action refers to the type of machine used for the cleaning process. It is important to take note which machine is used to remove stubborn dirt on the surface. The chemical action puts importance on the type of detergent used to clean the surface. Chemicals may be acidic, alkaline or neutral – with each type having specific instructions users should take note of. The wrong choice of chemical may lead to scarring of the surface.  Temperature affects how the materials and methods used for cleaning react on the surface. Heat may or may not be good when cleaning surfaces. Lastly, the time is important to observe since some chemicals take more time to be more effective in cleaning than others.

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Kärcher knows that most consumers would make an error in using the type of machine and detergent for cleaning. To remedy such errors, the surface for cleaning should be considered. Knowing what type of surface is involved will make cleaning quicker and more effective.  It is important to identify if the surface is soft or hard. Soft surfaces include carpeted or other fabric surfaces. Hard surfaces include artificial and natural stones. Once identified, know whether it needs a fast reacting chemical detergent or a medium strength detergent.

Source: Kärcher
It is undeniable that Kärcher is already an expert in no-harm effective cleaning.

Over the years, Kärcher has devoted its time, budget and effort in focusing on research and development to come up with the best machines, products and services. Following the Sinner’s Cycle, machines developed put emphasis on each of the four factors to be taken in for different uses.

One of its recent developments, a product range the company is very proud of, is its machines with eco!efficiency mode. In a society that is conscious of how products and services can affect the environment, Kärcher designed products with environmental sustainability. Using these products allow consumers to save water and electricity by up to 20 to 40% compared to regular machines. While the company is already at the top of its game, its people have no plans in stopping anytime soon. Innovation will always be a priority and expect more products that efficiently solve cleaning problems will be developed in the coming years. Karcher may have gone a long way already but it still has more plans to be better than what it is now!
Source: Kärcher

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Why Kärcher Is The Expert in Cleaning

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