What It’s Like to Have Engineer Parents

Having engineer parents isn’t as easy as you think.

I grew up in a family of engineers—both my parents are engineers—sure it has its perks, they help me with my projects and they understand the stress, but often times it has a lot of challenges that I had to live with every day of my college life. Here’s why:

High Expectations

As a child of experienced engineers, many people especially your parent’s friends and professors will expect a lot from you. They will expect you to have radically awesome math skills like your mom, and perfect wood work skills like your dad. Of course you want to be as good as they are—and are striving to—but what if you fail? If there’s something painful about expectations, is that people get disappointed if you don’t reach them.

Your parents know your professors

Okay. if you happen to go to the same university as your parents did, or if your parents are friends with some of your profs, aside from professors expecting you to be as awesome as your parents, there are cheeky friends and classmates who think or assume that your good grades have something to do with your dad being your prof’s best friend or something similar.

These things I’ve mentioned have actually happened to me, and might happen to another engineering student. I have nothing against my parents, they’re AWESOME! But sometimes, circumstances like these have their negative effects as well. That’s why my best advice for engineering students who have experienced or are experiencing this is—DON’T MIND WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY. People will have a lot to say, and sometimes that’s all their good at. Don’t let a few rumors hinder you from being a good student. Continue on with your awesome engineering life and enjoy all the benefits that engineering has to offer.

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What It’s Like to Have Engineer Parents

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