This Man-made Diamond Battery Is Made From Radioactive Waste

What better way to reuse radioactive waste than to turn them into a diamond battery? Researchers have created a way to do just that.

Scientists have been out of a way to reduce the amount of waste that a nuclear factory generates. That’s why this new diamond battery made from the byproduct of nuclear energy is a lifesaver for the human race. A group of scientists from the University of Bristol, Cabot Institute has not only created a way to get rid of the waste more efficiently, they’ve also created a new and hopefully reliable source of power.

Radioactive waste is collected when nuclear fission is applied to radioactive uranium. As the heat is generated from the splitting of the atoms, water is heated and vaporized and turned into steam to power electricity-generating turbines. The waste usually ends up being stored away and is housed in a graphite core until it stops its radioactivity. But with the material having a half-life of 5,730 years, that’s a pretty long time.

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The diamond is made by applying heat specifically to the radioactive graphite to release most of the radioactivity as gas. This gas-byproduct is then exposed to high temperatures and low pressure which turns it into the man-made diamond. The gems, when exposed to a radioactive field, shows a small amount of energy generation. Of course, the diamond is highly radioactive and releases harmful emissions. That’s why it’s enclosed inside a non-radioactive diamond which acts as a casing. This case is not just for show, however, as it increases the energy output of the diamond by 100%.


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Diamond batteries can be the solution to generating power for longer periods of time. The battery itself, according to the scientists, will only be half depleted by year 7746. The technology would be put into good use for things that require conventional batteries but are highly inaccessible for short-term battery replacement. Planes could fly longer and pacemakers could help people better with this new energy source. It would also be the answer to the tons of waste that’s generated by nuclear power plants over the next few years. As of today, there’s currently 76,430 metric tons of radioactive waste that’s been accumulated for the past 40 years.


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This Man-made Diamond Battery Is Made From Radioactive Waste

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