12V Waterproof Actuator 

One of the distinctive advantages of the waterproof linear actuators is undoubtedly their simple design

12V Waterproof Actuator 

Electric linear actuators are the mechanisms, the core task of which is the transfer of force from the control device to the executive one. Linear actuators vary in the way they transfer their energy. At the same time, the object controlled can be driven by a rotational or linear motion action.

One of the distinctive advantages of the waterproof linear actuators is undoubtedly their simple design. Due to this, actuators have an impressively long-lasting life service, in addition, they do not require regular maintenance and are unpretentious to the conditions. Simple execution allows using devices even in unfavorable climatic conditions. Depending on the manufacturer, models may have additional protection that increases the resistance of the product to disadvantageous factors.

Waterproof electric linear actuators of Progressive Automations manufacturer can be used for the various types of sea works. This can be a shipbuilding industry where this technology may come in handy for the construction of automated boat hatches that can prevent lover sections of a ship from flooding during powerful sea storms. This technology also can be implemented for the construction of complicated inner mechanisms of military submarines where they can be responsible for the pressure control which is essential for the submarines’ operability. There are three basic types of water protection:

  • IP54 – provides protection against water splashes penetration from all sides;
  • IP65 – prevents the penetration of water flows inside the case at any possible angle ;
  • IP67 – with such protection the device is capable to function when fully submerged under the water.

For example, PA-06 linear actuator model of Progressive Automations has the IP67 water protection meaning that this device is really capable to function even when fully submerged into the water and even when being at a significant depth. The minimum technical specifications of such waterproof electric linear actuator are the following: stroke – 2 inches, force – 22 Ibs, speed – 1.38 inches/sec, whereas the maximum technical specifications are like this: stroke – 24 inches, force – 180 Ibs, speed – 0.47 inches/sec.

Customers can choose technical specifications so that they could adjust their waterproof linear actuators according to the needs of performance wanted. The PA-06 electric linear actuator of Progressive Automations is capable of working under the harshest conditions and withstand water, and other potentially unwanted liquids, however for short periods of time. 

This high-rated quality makes this kind of electric linear actuators to be the most popular choice for marine engineering. Such actuators are capable to work within -20 to +60 °C temperature window. The warranty covering this electric actuator lasts for 18 months since the purchase. This linear actuator is mounted with the help of BRK-06 mounting brackets that make the installation process extremely easy. Furthermore, this kind of electric actuators is compatible with a whole range of control systems and control boxes transforming the operation process into a pleasure. Control boxes allow installing electric linear actuators of high water protection merely everywhere if dimensions are suitable for their installation. 

Actuators of Progressive Automations all-the-time provide the most effective performance while at the same time they are always reliable. These actuators can easily undergo the most terrific weather conditions and prove themselves to be the best solution where other alike technologies feel themselves uncomfortable and present poor performance. During long-lasting periods of work under heavy workloads such actuators of Progressive Automations show the highest resistance towards harsh environment conditions. Such type of electric linear actuators can be easily adjusted for various types of work more or less associated with serious humidity and marine implementation. Preferring the waterproof actuators of Progressive Automations customers make their investment into the qualitative and long-lasting technology that will fully justify their expectations.

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12V Waterproof Actuator 

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