World’s Smallest V12 Engine

A Spanish retired engineer has created the world’s smallest V12 engine.

Any person who loves the precision art of designing engines will be inspired by this creation of Patelo, a Spanish retiree engineer. He spent more than 1200 hours to design, mill, turn and drill to create what he claims to be the world’s smallest V12 engine. He wants to change the stereotype that small engines basically means outputting small amounts of power. Well, his latest craft seems to have proved this stereotype wrong!

Smallest V12 Engine (Source: lainformacion)

The materials that have been used for building this are mainly aluminum, stainless steel and bronze. The engine is powered by a compressed air injection. The amazing machine is said to have a displacement of 12 cubic centimeters from the twelve pistons that have a diameter of about 11.3mm. This has been found to work quite amazingly.

Smallest V12 Engine (Source: Giphy)

Patelo has built the machine for educational purposes and has no intention of selling it. He has dedicated the engine that he created, to his grandchildren. He built the engine from scratch. The engine mainly has 261 pieces and each of these pieces were intricately made by Patelo himself. Only the 222 screws that were required for the construction of the engine were purchased. Patelo could have made them himself, but he thought it would just be a waste of time.

Patelo started building this only after his retirement. Every part of the engine – starting from tappets to the connecting rods– achieved the results Patelo wanted. The entire design is just kickass genius! He has dedicated his full attention on every intricate detail of the machine. And though the design of this engine was tedious, the process of assembling the engine together was quite simple for Patelo. As of now, Patelo has not constructed more than one V12 engine, but we can expect more in the future. This man has gained recognition for the creation of this amazingly tiny engine.

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Smallest V12 Engine (Source: Giphy)

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World’s Smallest V12 Engine

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