Microsoft Joins the Linux Foundation; Google joins .NET

New tech collaborations mark the start of a new generation of computing.

Visual Studio 2013 was first released at the first Connect event in 2013. The following year, hype followed as Microsoft announced .NET’s open sourcing. Last year, 2015, another announcement for the open sourcing of the Visual Studio Code editor was released. So, what does Microsoft have in store for us this year, you ask? Here’s the latest update: Microsoft, the well-known closed-source software giant, is now a platinum member of the Linux Foundation.

Source: Linux Foundation

Well, people already know that Microsoft has already been working with Linux for the past few years. Projects such as the Hyper-V hypervisor was one of the things that the two companies have already been working on. But looking at the bigger picture, Microsoft now has the ability to better collaborate with the open source community, now that it’s part of the Linux Foundation. The ability to provide enhanced mobile capabilities, along with cloud-related tech to the public is a very big step for the tech giant. This is what being a platinum member entails, as per Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation.

The commitment of supporting open source software put up by Microsoft has surely raised the eyebrows of skeptics everywhere. But looking back, .NET and Visual Studio Code are some open source software released by Microsoft that received smiles from many of their supporters. While most of their software are still close-sourced, they already have a good reputation when it comes to the open source community. Microsoft does have a reputation of being “self-centered” when it comes to their code, but we are seeing a change in that trend soon.

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Source: .NET Foundation

If that wasn’t enough to tickle your geek bones, here’s more news for you. Google announced its entry into the .NET Foundation as part of the Steering Group. Again, Google and Microsoft collaborations have already been in the industry before. This has been apparent in their projects like the TypeScript and Visual Studio Code. That said, this is still very surprising news. For those of you that don’t know, most of Android’s technology is based off of Java, which is pretty much .NET’s biggest rival. That aside, Google is actually looking into development using .NET for their Google Cloud Platform, explaining the move.

Another member of the .NET Foundation, Samsung, has also released some wonderful news. The company is releasing a sneak peek of Tizen’s very own Visual Studio Tools. This allows their developers to integrate .NET apps into the non-Android smart devices of Samsung, like their wearables, TVs, and other stuff. Other news that some of you might already know is the release of the Visual Studio for Mac. Some of you might have already heard about it since the company prematurely sent out the news about it. While the name reads Visual Studio, though, it’s pretty much a Xamarin Studio derivative. That doesn’t mean that they’re completely different though, since the core of the two platforms are pretty much the same. This news allows Windows and Mac developers to swap information on their projects with ease, ignoring the cross-platform dilemmas they would usually experience.

Source: Microsoft Windows

Last but not the least, SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1 has just been released. If you’re wondering what’s interesting about this, here’s the catch. Before, different versions of the SQL Servers like the Express and Enterprise showed a huge amount of differences when it came to performance and functions. The amount of RAM used and processor usage were all limited by the version you had. This is what the new service pack had gone and changed. All the special functionality are readily available to any user, which means high-end functionality would be available to everyone. Only downside is that RAM usage and Core usage is still limited to the version tier that the end-user would be using.

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Microsoft Joins the Linux Foundation; Google joins .NET

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