Popular Myths Students Believe About Studying Engineering

Let’s debunk these myths!

Myth 1: If you spend more time studying, you’ll get better grades.

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Truth: You could study more than 10 hours a day and still fail your exams. It’s not the number of hours you spend studying, but how efficiently use that time. Studying hard is good, but it’s not good enough for engineering school. An engineering student should study hard, AND study smart! With the number of projects you’ll be encountering, you’ll need to learn how to study efficiently in a short period of time.


Myth 2: Engineering school = No Time For Fun

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Truth: Okaaaay. With the number of “no social life” memes we see on the internet, it’s hard to believe that this a myth. Well, engineering students do have time for fun, it’s just not as much as others expect! We keep it to a minimum. It’s all just a matter of time management and prioritizing what’s important. Work hard, party harder!


Myth 3: Nothing is more productive than the last minute!

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Truth: While it is true that the power of effective procrastination has saved engineering students from many deadlines, this statement is a definite false. Productivity means learning to discipline yourself enough to sit down, start your work at the right time, bringing your best as you do your work, and finishing it the way you planned it to be. Procrastination can bring more harm than good.


Myth 4: I don’t need notes. I’ll remember it all, and it’s all in the textbook

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Truth: Woaaaah there! Unless you have photographic memory, and your textbook can show you all the complete solving techniques, believe me that this is a HUGE myth for engineering students. Take down notes! Not everything is in your textbooks. You’ll thank me later.


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Myth 5: I should have a dedicated studying area. It will help me study better

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Truth: According to a number of studies, varying locations helps with memory retention. So go ahead and study at different places.


Myth 6: It’s better to finish one thing at a time before moving on to the next.

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Truth: Studies have shown that varying the type of material you are studying in a single sitting will leave a deeper impression on the brain rather than just concentrating on one subject the whole time.


Myth 7: The best time to study is when you’re young

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Truth: Studying actually gets more beneficial as you get older. Studies have shown that learning new things keeps your mind from aging. We can say that the older we get, the more important it is for us to study.

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Popular Myths Students Believe About Studying Engineering

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