Reasons To LOVE Engineering

Because, why not?

Love Engineering? Engineering loves you!

There are many people who ask me, why do you love engineering? What do you like most about being an engineer? I spent a lot of time thinking about it, and it certainly is an interesting question to answer. But the best answer for me is straight to the punch: Engineering is a creative design enterprise, that requires intense imagination and bucket loads of sweat, blood and tears.

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Modern day engineers, like the greatest inventors of the past, are creative, intelligent thinkers who imagined solutions. Engineers are modern day inventors.

As an electronics engineer, I can say that there are loads of reasons to love engineering, but here is a summarized version.

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Unlike other professions, engineers think differently. You can say that we simply live in a different world or dimension wherein we have different ways of doing things, a unique mind-set on how to solve problems.

What about you? What is it about engineering that you love? Why are you an engineer?

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Reasons To LOVE Engineering

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