Can You Trust This Baby Monitor To Protect Your Babies?

It’s supposed to monitor your home and your family. What if it fails to do the job?

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You’re away from home and you’re anxious to check on your family. Who’s taking care of the kids? Is the dog sleeping on the couch? Did somebody turn off the lights in the other room? Different thoughts come across your mind and all you want to do is make sure everyone’s safe in the house.

Enter Nest Cam.

It promises you a security camera that looks after your home when you’re away. It offers its users a lot of features such as an advanced night vision, 24/7 live streaming and activity alerts. This product can even be used as a pet cam. Now you’ll definitely find out which of your dogs has been destroying your furniture. You can even tell your dog to get off the couch.

Most parents use the Nest Cam as a baby monitor. It has become very popular among parents because they can check on their kids when they’re out.

There’s one alarming thing about it though: an outage on the nest cam may occur. If this happens, there’s no backup unit (since it only runs on the company’s cloud service) and you can’t check on your baby or your kids for quite some time. This becomes potentially alarming when you are not going home for quite some time.

Sounds scary in theory, right? Well, it happened last September 2015. Imagine the horror those parents experienced when they found out that there was an outage. They couldn’t check on their kids for four hours!

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The company’s official support Twitter account was bombarded with angry parents who were very frustrated with its services. Some advice the company gave included: “we’d recommend trying later today or tomorrow at the latest.” The anxious parents had no choice but to wait for the cloud service to be up and working again.

If a problem like this arises again in the future, it’s time the company start working on a backup for the Nest Cam.  Monitoring babies isn’t an easy job so there’s definitely a room for improvement for this product.

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Can You Trust This Baby Monitor To Protect Your Babies?

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