How To Save Yourself From a Free-Falling Elevator and Other Life-Saving Tips

Here are some tips that might just save your life.

The world we live in is full of hazards that are just waiting to strike. From free-falling elevators to being struck by lightning, we never know what might happen. While these situations might seem unlikely, the point is that they still do occur, and when the time comes, we want to make sure we’re prepared. Here are some life saving tips that might just save your life.

1)    What to do if you’re trapped in a sinking car.

Source: China Daily

While this looks like some cliché TV trope, it is actually very likely to happen if you’re driving off a bridge and miscalculate or during a storm surge where floods taller than the first floor of a building may suddenly appear (Like what happened in Houston on the April of last year. About 6 people have drowned in their own vehicles). So if ever you’re trapped inside one, here are some tips to help you get out of the car on time:

1.1)         Quickly unbuckle your belt (and everyone else’s if they can’t move).

1.2)         Open your car window before it submerges.

1.3)         If it can’t be opened, break it at each corner to escape.

1.4)         If there are children in the vehicle with you, get them out of the window first.

1.5)         If you absolutely cannot get out through the window, wait for the vehicle to be fully submerged. Then, open your door and follow the direction of the bubbles (bubbles float towards the surface so they tell you which way to swim).

2)    What to do if you’re caught in a rip current

Source: Los Angeles County Fire Department

A rip current is a strong and narrow current of water than moves directly away from the shore; like raging river strong. These cause a big hazard for swimmers and are the leading cause of life guard rescues in beaches worldwide. So in the dire situation that you ever get caught in a rip current, here’s what to do:

2.1) DO NOT struggle or even attempt to swim back to the shore. This is futile and you’ll only be wasting energy.

2.2) Instead, swim parallel to the shore until you’ve escaped the rip current. Only then should you swim back to the shore.

3)    And finally, what to do if you’re trapped in a free falling elevator

Source: Tumblr

While this is extremely unlikely to happen (about 0.00000015%; the cables in elevators are strong), but just in case it does happen, here’s how to save your life:

3.1) Lay down on the floor of the elevator. Spread your legs as far as possible.

3.2) Put one arm behind your head and the other in front of your face. This will protect it from banging against the floor or falling debris.

3.3) DO NOT squat or balance yourself on your knees.

3.4) DO NOT jump on the moment of impact.

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How To Save Yourself From a Free-Falling Elevator and Other Life-Saving Tips

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